Posted: 17.10.2019

The webshop for glasses has been awarded by the Brumen Foundation

When technical knowledge and creative genius meet, awesome websites are born., the webshop constructed by the artistic masterminds at Gigodesign and the technical wizards at, has received an award from the Brumen Foundation for the best in Slovenian design. 

The Brumen Foundation

“With the Brumen Biennale of Design and its central event focused on design in Slovenian, as well as with the Brumen awards, considered the most prestigious national awards in the industry, the Brumen Foundation is awarding extraordinary Slovenian designers, premium visual communication, and customers who see an important competitive advantage in design itself.” (

The 9th Slovenian Biennale of Design

The main, final event will be held at the National Gallery of Art at 19:00 on 22 October 2019. 

At the event the winning projects will be announced, both those that qualified for the biennale and those who belong at its very top, among the best in Slovenian visual communication. 

An international commission will announce the crème de la crème, and the award will be conferred by Radovan Jenko, the president of the Brumen Foundation, and Aljaž Vindiš, the commission’s Slovenian representative. 

The international commission will offer its explanation for why each winning project deserves its award. 

Attendance to the event is free of charge, so come one, come all!