Posted: 31.03.2021

ZGroup to launch partnership with Bitset

ZGroup has reached an agreement to take over Bitset’s eCommerce division, marking the start of fruitful collaboration with one of Slovenia’s biggest IT equipment distributors. 
Some of the added value this deal will bring our customers includes accelerated operations, increased security, a 24/7 support team, and better and quicker resolution of user-side technical issues.

Together ZGroup and Bitset form an impressive alliance, combining the experience of two market leaders, with expertise in web design and digitalization on one side and extensive experience in logistics and sales solutions on the other.

All customers of Bitset’s eCommerce solutions will automatically receive premium solutions from ZGroup. 
Bitset’s eCommerce suite is intended for all companies that want a simple way to set up and manage an online store, and who want to automate their regional operations.
Among its other features the platform powers automatic imports and exports, making it perfect for both B2B and B2C models, for both retailers and distributors. Its biggest advantage is in the fact that the eCommerce web shop is provided as a SaaS. 
Any customer that wants to expand development with custom services will be assisted by the experts at SPRD.Digital, a ZGroup subsidiary.
For actual domains and hosting services the ZGroup’s flagship company remains the region’s most formidable provider, a true synonym for security, hosting, and server space. 

This merger will establish a perfectly comprehensive set of solutions for our customers, with everything they need for the perfect online shop in one place.

With this new acquisition, the ZGroup expects significant growth and much more accessible services for all users in Slovenia and the rest of the Balkans.