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Senior PHP Developer / Laravel @ SPRD.digital

Senior Web developer with Laravel knowledge

SPRD.digital is looking for Senior PHP Developer who will join our team of developers and expected to lead Junior developers.

Your requirement will be to lead the team of Junior developers and assist project managers meet goals on projects.

Focused on backend and implementation of already prepared projects on with minor HTML/CSS developmet. Some projects require knowledge of VueJS but it's not requirement.




Deadline: Open
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Type: Full time or by your choice

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What to expect

We require

  • Good knowledge in Object PHP
  • Good knowledge of Laravel
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge of Javascript (jQuery or VueJS)
  • GIT

We provide

  • Attractive and well-organized work environment.
  • Personal computer with multi-screen workstations
  • Full-time employment or other form if you prefer
  • Education/training budget
  • Budget for in-house services
  • Full range colleagues (system operators, developers, marketers, etc.)