ZGroup bundles an attractive range of powerful web and IT solutions, combined with great technical support and customized to perfectly address B2B and B2C customers of the digital age.

We're your dependable partner for all your concerns related to virtual security, online privacy, technical challenges, and proper support.

Our brands offer only the best services and solutions.

Most creative, crazy and innovative agency for web hosting, domain and web services in Europe.

It started out small, but has grown appreciably.
Customers find in one spot everything they need to power their website or web shop successfully. From VPNs, certificates, and domains to the most advanced development and technical support.
Today is one of the largest providers of online space in Slovenia.
We have been offering the most cutting-edge hosting solutions for over 15 years. Online users can choose from over 350 domain endings, while we handle all of the online solutions that give their users a smooth and enjoyable experience when browsing their sites or shopping in their web stores.



Premium infrastructure and managed service provider.

We offer comprehensive server management for large-scale systems, cloud-based server solutions, comprehensive managed IT infrastructure linking web and telephone services, IT solutions for businesses, and advanced IT security features.

Having our own server network allows us unparalleled control, access, stability, security, redundancy, and the data rates that customers need. All our servers are located in environments that have extremely high standards of both physical and virtual security.



Affordable, safe and reliable hosting services for small companies.

Presentia is our youngest and smallest brand, focusing on a range of hosting solutions for small-scale businesses.
We provide everything customers need before taking their first steps into the digital world.
No complications and laser focus form the pillars for our clear vision of providing personal and professionally perfect support that leads customers to success, just as if it were our success.
Online business then allows them to develop their B2C markets, giving them security and privacy, as well as all the necessary technical and developmental elements they need to become big players in their industries.


We are a professional development team skilled in Web & Hybrid development.

We are a technically accomplished team with tons of experience in development. We offer end users a range of digital solutions and we serve as a great partner for agencies that need comprehensive web development to satisfy their customers. Laravel, WordPress, and VueJS are our core technologies.
The brand is completely tailored to the needs of the market, which requires a high level of adaptability, creativity, and personal touch in solving the IT problems it faces.



WooCommerce provides seamless online solution for your web shop and for automating your business.

We fully realize that small and large enterprises face completely different demands and requirements, and that all solutions must be tailored both to the end user and other online technologies. With our strong, professional, and flexible support companies can not only meet but crush their business goals.
WooNinja provides WooCommerce modules for optimizing and automating business processes, whether for your web shop, website, or other online platforms.
Find the module that you need and install it in your web shop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our team will develop one for you!
Matinenance modules, constructed in accordance with valid regulations and therefore trustworthy for your clients, will power your company towards outstanding results and recognition.